Simple Health and Safety Advice

At Simple Safety Advice Ltd we believe in a hands-on, practical approach to Health and Safety.
With over 20 years of senior management experience in the Construction Safety Industry we pride ourselves on providing practical, simple and easy to understand systems and advice to our clients.

We ensure that you are involved at all levels of the process, to help you understand the implications of health and safety legislation in the workplace.

We operate as your “critical friend” encouraging all levels of the workforce to ask questions, seek advice and clarify their understanding of your legal requirements as a business and employer.
This will assist them to understand what is required of you in order to be compliant under current Health and Safety legislation.

Keep it Simple!

These days where we all need to be aware of our legal obligations under health & safety law, it is imperative to keep things as simple as possible.
We can assist you to achieve this by working with you and your team to identify exactly what you need without bombarding you with irrelevant and impractical jargon or systems.

Mission Statement

  • To provide pragmatic health and safety advice to our clients
  • To be a source of inspiration and a thought leader in the field of health and safety management
  • To create value for our clients
  • To constantly look for new and innovative ways to help our clients manage their health and safety agenda

Company Values

Our values describe how we aim to operate and detail what every member of staff seeks to achieve on a daily basis:

  • Leadership – We always consider ourselves to be the client’s critical friend
  • Pragmatic – We aim to propose client solutions that add value and are relevant, useful and easy to implement
  • Client focused – We focus on the client’s needs and provide them with high quality advice. We aim to give them choice, making them aware of the consequences of each choice whilst never putting them under pressure
  • Innovation – we have a ‘can do’ attitude and always seek out workable solutions for our clients
  • Responsibility – we are always professional, responsive and take responsibility for our actions
  • Excellence – We strive to provide the best service and go the extra mile to support our clients
  • Passion – We know our subject, provide specialist services and conduct safety works thoroughly without the need for a clip board
  • Proactive – we plan our approach and think ahead to put the client’s needs first.

James Cumming – Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Simple Safety Advice, I have over 20 years experience of working in the construction industry. I am used to applying simple techniques and practical solutions to safety problems and issues across a variety of industries. The key to good safety performance is for your safety advisor to understand your industry. This cannot be done from desk-top audits or by supplying generic information.

Your safety advisor has to get involved with the everyday running of your company and witness what happens on the ‘shop floor’. My many years in construction allow me to provide this “hands-on” approach, and I always assist my clients and their staff to understand how to implement an effective health and safety system.

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