Audits and Action Plans

Many companies admit that they have either forgotten or have never taken the time to carry out an health and safety audit. An audit should not scare staff and be unnecessarily intrusive to your business. A good audit will inform the management team about:

  • actions that need to be taken in order to protect the staff, visitors and general work area(s)
  • whether the company is compliant with relevant laws and legislation
  • identify areas for improvement, often with cost-saving options
  • identify areas of good practice and provide feedback from staff

Simple Safety Advice can provide an independent service that will present a realistic picture of your business and staff practices. Sometimes the management team are not aware of certain staff practices and so we can provide valuable feedback to them that they would not otherwise be aware of. As independent advisors we cannot force or make you undertake any changes to your business. We will present you with the details of our findings and then it is still your choice as to how much money and time you feel you can invest in making any improvements.

Companies can also use this information and evidence to inform their Board of Trustees of their work practices and controls, enabling them to obtain further investment where it is most needed.

Conducting your own audits

Simple Safety Advice can either train you and your staff to be able to complete your own audits and checks regularly, or if you prefer we can complete an independent audit on your behalf.

An audit should highlight areas of good practice as well as identifying areas for improvement and be manageable for staff to undertake efficiently. You may want to use an existing safety check form to achieve this or even better, design your own. Staff should also be encouraged to provide feedback as part of an audit and be regularly reminded to highlight any areas of concern as they arise. The results and recommendations from your audit should be presented to a senior manager or company safety committee to enable them to decide on their next course of action and frequency of future audits.

If required, Simple Safety Advice can assist you to design a manageable action plan that will allow you to prioritise any areas of risk and identify what steps need to be taken to improve them. We have many years of experience and can suggest a range of options to address particular issues for your business.

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