Bespoke Health and Safety documentation and policies

The risks of using generic documents

Many documents, policies and forms can be downloaded from the internet, but they will often not be suitable for your business and your staff.  A template document will be generic and either not fully reflect the activities that your staff undertake or include activities that they are not involved with at all, leaving the management at risk.

If an accident or incident should occur in your workplace then one of the first parts of any investigation is to review the documents (including policies and procedures) and any staff training records to know how each member of staff is informed to work. Therefore if your documents do not clearly state what your staff should do and how they are expected to behave, then the management are at risk of not providing sufficient information and training to their employees.

The benefits of using bespoke documentation

A bespoke document is far more valuable and useful to a company than a generic version.  Tailored documents and procedures can provide evidence and support to both the management and the staff that can assist to provide a good working culture and safe working environment for everyone.  Often it is better value for money to commission bespoke documents than to try and plagiarise documents or purchase generic systems that do not suit your company needs.

Simple Safety Advice will take the time to understand your business so that any documentation that we produce for you is fit for purpose and easy to understand.  Many clients have also used the documents to support tender bids and as part of quality standard applications.

If you require a document review, then please contact us now for a no-obligation quote.

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