Why is our approach to CDMC (Construction Design Management Coordinator) different

How we are different at Simple Safety Advice Ltd…

At Simple Safety Advice Ltd we maintain a proactive and fresh approach to the role of Construction Design Management Coordinator (CDMC). Our Director, James Cumming, is a registered CDMC with over 15 years’ of senior construction experience and all our safety consultants have practical building experience. We have run many projects from a Principle Contractor’s (PC) perspective, highlighting problems that may affect the feasibility and costing of a project. We don’t just notify the HSE and then charge for items that others are already doing, we take pride in doing a job correctly and assist the client to complete a successful project. That’s why we are JM Partnership’s approved CDM Coordinators.

All our current clients and the range of designers and architects we work with utilise our services again and again and will happily supply references.

Our standard approach to a project is as follows:

  • Review the drawings and details of the project to assess if there are any areas of concern that could affect the program or create safety issues
  • Provide designers with support and guidance where required on technical or safety issues
  • Complete a standard fact finding questionnaire (that’s issued to all parties) clarifying all project specific areas are being dealt with
  • Hazard ID the project and ensure PC is insured, capable of construction and is being issued relevant information
  • Ensure all relevant parties within the project have clear communication paths
  • Complete relevant notifications
  • Provide support or complete the safety file
  • Attend only critical meetings when we can provide valid and specialist input
  • Inform the client/ contracts administrator of any safety breaches or potential issues that may arise.

As construction specialists we also have a range of services that we work closely with and can call upon to assist with your project. Who else can provide solutions to design or build issues from assistance with party wall agreements to specialist scaffold designs?

We tailor the costing of each project to suit the client’s needs this is why we only budget the works and do not confirm the price until the initial meeting has been conducted.

This often results in a saving to the client, as we only charge for works actually completed. You would not want to be charged for:

  • Pre-construction information (often completed by designers or contract administrators)
  • Safety File often completed by the PC as project progresses

All our works are backed by a project specific diary to enable the client to follow the work that we undertake.

Please feel free to contact James Cumming to discuss the needs of your project by calling 01342 836314 or 07903 357686; jcumming@simplesafetyadvice.co.uk

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