Health and Safety audits in Sussex, Kent, London & South East

The initial audit of Health and Safety Management is an in-depth audit, which has been designed to identify a client’s current position in terms of their compliance with Health and Safety legislation. The objective of the audit is to compare your current arrangements for health and safety management with recognised standards. This in turn will assist you in deciding whether action needs to be taken to ensure that your company complies with relevant health and safety law.

The audit will contribute to your Safety Action Plan and strategy going forward, which in turn will assist you to provide a safe working environment, ensuring reduced exposure to criminal prosecution and civil claims, and reduced administration costs associated with legislative compliance. The audit comprises the following three stages:

Stage 1 – Documentation review

This involves assessing the significance of all health and safety documentation currently held by you e.g. Health and Safety policy, risk assessments, systems of work/work practices, training programmes and records etc. Each of these documents will be evaluated and the particular strengths and weaknesses identified. These initial results will be discussed at a meeting arranged after all audits completed.

Stage 2 – Verification interviews

We would question personnel with key health and safety responsibilities, this can take place when we are gathering initial information or be an open discussion at the outset of the process with the objective being to verify the information gained from the documentation checks.

Stage 3 – Site/premises observation

We would carry out visits to a working site or sites in order to verify the information obtained from documentation checks and key interviews. These visits would involve further interviews, documentation checks and physical inspection as necessary.

Stage 4 – Conclusions and Safety Action Plan

The outcome of the audit process would be a report containing the key findings from the audit, along with a Safety Action Plan. Findings will be reported in a positive light, giving credit where arrangements are effective, whilst highlighting areas for improvement. The report and action plan will then be presented to all relevant staff at a mutually convenient meeting, where financial considerations and timescales will also be addressed to meet the needs of your business.

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