ISO – 9001, 14001, 18001 and more…

ISO is the International Organisation for Standardisation.  They have developed and published a set of standards to ensure that Companies or organisations are working to a set minimum standard.  For many companies, gaining ISO certification opens up new business opportunities and shows potential clients that they are committed to a good standard of quality and working practices.

We can assist your company through the development of an ISO management system.  This can be an integrated system covering more than one standard or can start with, for example, a quality management system under ISO 9001:2008 and lead on to incorporating 14001:2004 for environmental issues and OHSAS 180012007 for Health & Safety.  If you already use our services as your retained Health & Safety Advisors and operate one of our documented systems, then you will already be ticking a lot of the boxes required for 18001 certification.

Our Consultants can assist with the development and implementation of a system and help you through every step of the certification process.

We can assist with ongoing checks of your systems, identifying and fulfilling training needs, carrying out and advising on internal audits, carrying out reviews and preparing action plans to ensure you stay compliant and your business runs as successfully and smoothly as possible.

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We assist a large range of our clients with both first applications and renewals of various accreditations relevant to their business.

Like the ISO Standards, a successful accreditation shows prospective clients that your health & safety practices have been checked and approved and that you comply with your duties as an employer and contractor.

Some of these accreditation bodies are also members of the SSIP scheme which means that if you have successfully completed one accreditation, you may be exempt from having to complete parts of another scheme making it easier to apply for and gain further accreditations enabling your business to appear on many more approved listings/websites.

Many larger clients use such schemes as a prequalification check when selecting suitable contractors to tender for projects; therefore this can be another way to gain more work.


PQQ – Prequalification Questionnaires

We often get asked to assist our clients with completion of prequalification questionnaires when they are tendering for larger projects.

These are often lengthy documents which need to be filled in so the client or awarding body can quickly see who is best suited to do the job they require. It is a quick way for them to compare businesses to see who ends up with a higher score and therefore more likely to get the job.

They generally ask questions about:-

  • Company/business status
  • Company/business finances
  • Quality of work considerations
  • Environmental considerations/impacts
  • Equal opportunities considerations
  • Health & safety issues and procedures
  • Your ability to deliver a successful result

If your company has already been successful in achieving an SSIP member accreditation then many questions will not need to be answered again as this is sufficient proof of your H&S standing.


CHAS – Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme

We can support your organisation to achieve the CHAS registration for your company. We will work with you to collate the necessary documentation, prepare your application form and assist you to submit your evidence to the CHAS Assessor.

RenewalsOnce we have completed this process for you, we will be able to quickly and efficiently support you with the annual renewal of your CHAS application.

Call our Accreditation Team to talk through what is required on 01342 836314.


SMAS Worksafe Certificate

We will work with you to gain your SMAS Worksafe certificate. The team will guide you through the process and provide support with gathering appropriate documentation to complete an application.

The BenefitsA valid SMAS Worksafe Certificate means you:

  • can quickly and easily demonstrate your Health & Safety competence to suppliers, increasing your chances of getting onto their preferred supplier lists for tenders
  • are able to display the SMAS Worksafe logo on your letterheads, publicity and vehicles showing your clients that you are serious about safety.
  • will be included on both the SMAS and SSIP database increasing your visible to potential Clients.
  • can be registered with other SSIP member schemes (who offer mutual recognition) without completing another full H&S assessment with them saving you both time and money.

If you already hold and SSIP Member Scheme Certificate and want to be listed on the SMAS database, then the process is even more simple to complete.

Call our Accreditation Team to talk through what is required on 01342 836314.


Constructionline (part of SSIP scheme)

Constructionline aims to reduce the burden of your company regularly having to jump through hoops every time you need to submit a tender and to assist buyers to sift through pre-qualification data quickly and easily.

To get your company details registered with Constructionline, you sign up to the relevant category that best describes your business and then complete the pre-qualification form to access over 8,000 buyers OR you can let Simple Safety Advice help you apply.

For further information see


FORS – Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme

“This accreditation scheme aims to improve fleet activity in London and throughout the UK and beyond” (FORS online website 2014).

This scheme supports companies with operating fleets including vans, lorries, mini-buses and coaches. The accreditation can assist your company to apply for tenders, save money and improve the safety of your operations as well as reducing your environmental impact.

Some of the areas for consideration through this scheme are fuel efficiency, tyre usage, reducing emissions, alternative powered vehicles (leading to no congestion charges, low tax and marketing opportunities), performance management, route planning and scheduling and establishing company policies.

A performance management toolkit (spreadsheet) and action plan is available from the FORS website that allows you to input data on how you manage your fleet. For further information on this scheme visit

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