Retained Health and Safety Services

Our Retained Health and Safety Service is aimed to provide your business with assistance in the managing of the workplace risk.

Our retained services offer you peace of mind for a fixed fee, allowing you to budget for your health and safety provision with confidence. We have packages to suit businesses both large and small, and enable you to meet your health and safety obligations.

Simple Safety Advice’s training and expertise allow us to act as a competent person for your business. Many of our clients have adopted our retained service. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you or 01342 836314.

To be a retained certificated client we expect a commitment from you to embrace our advice and work with us to establish a safe working environment for your staff and visitors.

Our basic monthly retainer provides;

  • A certificate of appointment.
  • The update of your current safety policy at the end of your retained period.
  • Your entitlement to use our details as your competent person as per the Management of Health and Safety Regulations (legal requirements).
  • The use of James’ and the company name ‘Simple Safety Advice Ltd’ for tenders, PQQs etc.
  • Priority response from our consultants in the event of an accident or incident.
  • Access to our legal register.
  • Inclusion in our regular mail out.
  • Regular updates on training courses and relevant Health and Safety news.
  • Reasonable access to consultants for phone support and guidance.

Audits required for your Accreditations

For those clients who require accreditations we also as per our terms and conditions require that at least one mandatory audit is conducted per year, this can be included in a retained costing or paid for on an individual basis. This of course is subject to your size and requirements under any accreditations of PQQ requirements.

*For a more bespoke package, extra days per year can be arranged on top of the basic monthly retainer, this can be discussed further to establish what would suit your company.

This HSE link will advise you about Health and Safety in your business:


Summary benefits of being a retained client

Retained Clients Non retained clients
Use of our name as your appointed advisors under section 7 management of health and safety
Included Are not permitted to
use our name as retained advisors
Annual up keep of action plan, office review and update
of key documents with and new legal changes current to your industry
Included Will be charged at an hourly rate
We recommend that due to insurance liabilities clients requiring industry approval whilst utilising us as their Health and Safety Advisor must be on at least a minimum retained package. Service as agreed Are welcome to upgrade their service at any time
Method statements Hourly rate Minimum charge 5 hours
Site audits and report Hourly rate Minimum charge 5 hours
Accident and emergency support 0800 – 1700
Standard charge – minimum 5 hours
0800 – 1700
Time and a half – minimum 9 hours
Accident and emergency support Out of hours
Time and a half – minimum 5 hours
Out of hours
Double rate –
minimum 5 hours
Telephone Support 0800 – 1700
0800 – 1700
Charge may apply
Training Programmes
and certification
Pre–arranged course costs reduced rates Pre–arranged course costs + administration
Booking charge Confirmation
of appointment
Not applicable Pre paid charges apply
Re application for existing Industry accreditation, achieved by SSA As part of your previous years retainer we will update your existing policy only,
Works on accreditations will be charged at a hourly rate
At Hourly rate minimum 9 hours


Competent persons for health and safety

Due to the need for many of our client’s requirements to have access to a competent person and the need for our clients to demonstrate they genuinely  do utilise our services, we have implemented the following company procedures.

All clients whom require accreditations or a designated appointed person must show a commitment to utilising our services.

Below is the legal requirement for appointed persons:

Employers are legally required to ensure that people who have health, safety and welfare responsibilities in the workplace are competent. There is no statutory requirement to be a technically qualified H&S professional, just to have the necessary competence.

This duty comes from the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (MHSWR), Regulations 7. These Regulations require employers to appoint competent persons to assist them in meeting their legal obligations for health, safety and welfare of employees (and also anyone else who may be affected by the employer’s activities). They need competent persons in at least the following capacities:

  • Someone to be in overall charge of HS&W – like a safety officer, manager or director,
  • People to assess risks under Regulation 3 of the Management Regulations, and
  • People to take charge of workplace evacuation in emergency situations – these will be mostly fire wardens and monitors.

The duties imposed on employers by MHSWR Regulation 7

  • Reg 7(1) requires employers to appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in meeting his legal duties
  • Reg 7(5) says that a person shall be regarded as competent where they have sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable them to properly assist in undertaking the measures required

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