Support to Designated Safety Staff

Many companies appoint an internal member of staff to look after their health and safety and often this is an additional responsibility to their main employed role, i.e. HR or Finance.

Whilst this is manageable for some people, other staff with this responsibility do not have the knowledge or experience to feel confident to oversee the health and safety requirements for the whole organisation.

How can Simple Safety Advice Help You?

We can provide support to these members of staff by offering training, support or just occasional guidance as and when it is required.  Our consultants will work alongside your internally appointed person to assist and guide them as required or to manage particular areas of work for them, which can be more cost effective.

Our role is not to take over the health and safety of the organisation (unless that is what you require), but to guide and assist your own staff to manage an effective health and safety system for your business and all of your staff.

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