Principal Designer & CDM

Safety Advice on Your Construction Projects

A Principal Designer is appointed by the client to take the lead in the pre-construction phase of a construction project, to oversee the health and safety aspects. 

It is stated by law in the CDM 2015 regulations that any project involving more than one contractor must have an appointed principal designer on the job. 

The Principal Designer will give advice to the client and ensure that any designers or contractors on the project are aware of the relevant project information. This will include validation of contractors’ qualifications, experience and insurance arrangements. 

The Principal Designer’s role is to identify and try to reduce or eliminate any potential risks to the project and to inform all parties of the risks. They will also provide guidance to planned operations and identify areas of improvement where possible, thus saving the client both time and money.

We have an excellent track record for offering Principal Designer services, particularly for large and complex builds, such as airport expansions and large scale builds.  Speak to our team for further information and advice.

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