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Simple Safety Advice Group has a platform that creates digital forms to support your business. The data captured from the forms can be analysed into reports and this also provides you with time/date tracked evidence of when people have completed your forms and their answers. The forms can be created to deliver information and capture answers to questions.

Examples would be to:

  • test staff knowledge of a subject/procedure
  • provide training on company procedures
  • confirmation staff have read key documents
  • deliver information as part of a company inductions
  • collect data from daily inspections and quality checks

By subscribing to our service, you can benefit from unlimited data and submission limits to support your business.

How does it work?

  1. Become a Partner Customer with us and create your own account on our platform
  2. Select an email account for your administration log in
  3. Use our templates or create your own forms
  4. Share your forms using a link or QR code
  5. Results from each completed form will be emailed to your administration email. You can also download reports from the system with a more detailed data analysis on all submissions

Benefits of the system

  • Template forms are available for you to use straight away
  • Bespoke company forms can be created to capture what your company needs
  • Documents, videos, PowerPoints can be included in your forms
  • The system is accessible from any device, phone, tablet, etc
  • Access is fast via a link or QR code
  • To restrict access, you can add a password to your form
  • Instant results are available via emails and reports
  • Reports can be shared with clients if you have to submit them regularly
  • Unlimited data usage and submissions are available with your subscription

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