Accident Investigation

Should you or one of your staff members have an accident at work, you need to:

  1. Be certain that you already have existing policies and working procedures in place throughout your company.  This is often where companies are at risk by not having any bespoke documentation to begin with for their staff.  Having generic documentation bought off the internet will not necessarily protect you from prosecution.
  2. Undertake a review of these policies and procedures to identify if they can be improved and/or be amended so that a similar accident does not reoccur.
  3. It may be a requirement of your insurance company that you conduct an accident investigation.  In the case of a serious injury it would be a legal requirement to conduct an accident investigation under RIDDOR.

Company Policies and Procedures

If you do not already have basic documentation in place such as a health & safety policy, method statements, risk assessments, driving policy, environmental policy, etc. then you really need to review this. Without any company policies and procedures in writing that are distributed to all your staff, you as an employer may be unable to clearly demonstrate that you have provided sufficient information and training to safeguard your staff. You may therefore be vulnerable from a legal standpoint.


In the event of an accident taking place on your site or involving your staff (s) then the following actions may need to be taken:

  • Health and safety representative or consultant to visit the scene of the accident ASAP
  • Interviews and witness statements to be taken from relevant people
  • Photographs of the scene to be taken
  • HSE to be notified (if relevant)
  • Documentation and procedures to be reviewed to identify if policies have or have not been followed
  • Review to provide conclusions on how the accident happened and what actions are required to prevent a similar situation from reoccurring.
  • Company to produce and complete an action plan to improve the safety arrangements.

Simple Safety Advice has completed many accident investigations and can assist companies to establish and work through a suitable action plan to prevent further situations arising.

We have many trained investigators that have a wealth of knowledge and experience of conducting investigations and identifying any necessary improvements to prevent situations from reoccurring.

Please speak with one of our specialist consultants on 0845 073 7840 if you require assistance or would like to find out more about this issue in relation to your business.

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