Challenges of Safety

Safe Workplace for You & Your Team

There are many challenges to every industry, as new regulations and guidance are introduced. Our aim is to make your workplace safer for you & your team.

A good safety culture and reliable procedures can help. Don’t become an HSE statistic, embrace safety as a positive way of working every day.


NO2 emissions in London, British Safety Council (BSC) Time to Breathe campaign.

36,000 deaths a year are caused by air pollution according to a Government report. 

Outdoor workers have been ignored for too long as the pollution crises increases.  The British Safety Council have developed a free pollution app called Canairy, to help outdoor workers reduce their exposure to air pollution.

mental health

Mental Health

Workplace health and safety is essential to consider and staff should be consulted regularly on any areas/improvements that can be made.

Some companies have Committees with nominated staff to feedback information from teams of staff to management



This is a key issue that is being checked by regulators and auditors more frequently.  This also affects staff working outside as they can still breathe in harmful levels of dust when working with certain pieces of equipment.  The risk of lung disease from breathing in construction dust over a prolonged period of time is a serious issue for all employers to monitor and review.

working at height

Assessing all working at height

The Law requires employers and self-employed contractors to assess the risk from working at height and plan the work to ensure it can be carried out safely.  Key issues for working at height are risk assessments, identifying precautions that are required and generating method statements. Over 60% of deaths during work at height involve falls.  Control measures must be identified to either remove the risk or make it manageable in relation to each project.

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